NITYA ANNADANA SCHEMEDevasthanam with a view to providing free and wholesome food to the poor devotees launched Nithyannadana Scheme on Vijaya Dasami day of 1990 and the scheme has become a glorious success and there has been an overwhelming response from the philanthropists in and around Telangana and from NRIs.

Quantum of donations:

1] Sadharana Sabhyatvam      –           Rs. 1,116/-

2] Poshaka                               –           Rs. 5,116/-

3] Maharaja Poshaka             –           Rs. 10,116/-

4] One day annadanam    – Rs. 351/-

5] Other Ubhayadatha who contributed

irrespective of the above specified amount

[From Rs.1,000/- and more]

Providing meals to the devotees under Annadanam scheme:

On Monday     –           500 Nos.

On Friday        –           400 Nos.

Other days      –           200 Nos.